30+ Must Know Tips on Dating Women

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Following is a quick list of very important things all men should know about women and dating. The kind of things that will help you attracting and seducing the girl you want. It’s short, concise and very accurate. Unlike the 25 Traits Lists, this list is more focused on them rather than you.

1- A good perfume is worth every cent. If you’re going to attract someone, you need to appeal to all the senses. And women love good cologne. Never go out without it!
2- If you don’t satisfy your woman in bed, you are up to serious trouble. Even if she really loves you.
3- Never believe everything a woman says. It’s a step into maturity to assume that if she has to lie to you, she will.
4- Women love chocolate.
5- Never believe your woman is the exception to anything. I can bet you everything in the world that she is not.
6- A woman who truly likes you is never too busy for you. But time is precious. If you want to take a bit out of hers, you better have something exciting to do.
7- Cuddling is important – It is something that helps bringing couples closer together.
8- The two biggest and universal physical turn offs for women are a very short man and a very small dick. All other cases can be fine, but looking the best you can will certainly help.
9- Never try to understand women. Don’t analyze and think too much about what they do, it’s not worth it.
10- Girls want to be taken. No one likes to be alone.
11- Always make your intentions clear from the very beginning – Be dangerous from the word “Hey.” That way, you won’t fall into the dramatic ‘Friends Zone’ right away. But at the same time, be playful and know that even if you like her, you are not dead for her and by no means someone who can be controlled.
12- Assume and have very clear that you’ll be rejected many more times than not. But, in the end, that’s not something that bad.
13- When you want a girl, to have her friend’s blessing must be your top objective. If they like you, they will be of enormous help and make everything easier for you. Also, especially for younger girls, to make her parents like you is even more important.
14- Being a good kisser will make your way to bed easier. So will if you are a good dancer.
15- Buying women drinks is not worth it. Don’t do it.
16- In class, at work, in the gym or in any social place you go to, say “Hi” all the time and to every girl. It will be of great help.
17- Never ask a woman “Would you like…” too often, but give her options. For example, tell her you want to go with her to a certain place at a certain time – But let her choose whether she prefers Saturday or Sunday.
18- Shoes are very important; always give some extra attention to them.
19- Women are attracted to leaders, ambitious, inspiring and confident people more than to anyone else.
20- Don’t leave women messages in the phone – Call until she answers. And, once she does, talk only to set up the date. Save the conversation for the date.
21- Never ask permission to do anything or say anything.
22- Women love the unexpected. Surprise them often and never be totally predictable.
23- Laughing is an aphrodisiac. Learn to be funny, to tell anecdotes and to entertain.
24- People love to speak about themselves more than anything else – It’s their favorite topic. So do women.
25- Never try to outsmart women. You’ll lose.
26- If you are going to touch a woman, do it from the very beginning and with 100% belief. If you don’t, it will be creepy.
27- Girls from richer and more developed countries are easier to get than girls from poorer, less developed ones.
28- Lead, even if you don’t know where you are going. Make an adventure out of everything and put emotion and charm into it.
29- Make things fun your YOU. That way you’ll make things fun for her too.
30- Tease. Do it playfully and laugh at her. Make those things that will make her playfully punch you. Don’t go as far as offending her or talking about her deep insecurities. And, unless you really screwed up, don’t say sorry.
31- As far as you are concerned, you are the coolest guy ever. Believe in yourself – There’s gold running out of your mouth. Offer value, have abundance mentality and be confident in yourself.
32- Women love to give you advice on anything.
33- Desperation repeals women.

This list will be constantly updated with new tips from you, the readers, and also from myself. So stay tuned! And, of course, you are invited to leave in the comments section your thoughts and ideas about the subject and whether the ideas here have helped you or not!